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Some exciting news to report from the Aptos Sports Foundation!

While most of you were probably deep in to your summer vacations or at least planning them, the Aptos Sports Foundation was still hard at work for the kids. In a very significant move the Foundation entered into a formal public-private partnership with the Pajaro Valley Unified School District. The Declaration of Cooperative Support and Collaboration was created on June 24, 2015 with a 6-0 vote by the board of trustees.

As was discussed by Foundation President Paul Bailey and the Board of Trustees at the meeting, this formal partnership in no way means the Aptos Sports Foundation gets carte blanche on everything we want to do moving forward. We still must follow every state and county law, permit requirement, dot every “I” and cross every legal “T” so to speak. What this does do is publically acknowledge the work that the Foundation and the Board has been able to accomplish over the past 20 years, and publically acknowledge that both parties will continue to improve on that relationship moving forward.

In its 36 year history, the Foundation has raised and donated funds, materials and labor totaling more than $3.3 million. Past projects include the Trevin Dilfer Memorial Field which included an all-weather track and field, lights at the pool, a completely rebuilt baseball facility and the things that don’t often get the spotlight: whistles, lane lines, wrestling mats and uniforms. Most recently, the collaboration brought about a practice field at the entrance of Aptos High School to be used by various schools and community sports teams.

That is all well and good, but the Aptos Sports Foundation has plans to do much more and be much more for the kids of our community. By entering in to this formal partnership with PVUSD we can continue our mission of improving facilities, funding after-school sports programs at Aptos High School and its feeder schools.

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