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“If you build it they will come…”

There are several fields at Aptos High where students’ dreams were born, took

shape, and soared to amazing heights.

Now the Aptos Sports Foundation, with the help of PVUSD, has added another to

that list.

If you’ve driven up Mariner Way surely you’ve noticed what used to be the dirt lot,

its sole purpose a mud pit for 4-wheeling, is now a brand new athletic field!

For years, sports teams at the high school have been desperate for another practice

field. During soccer season, four different teams were sharing field time and

practicing sometimes until 10:00p.m. It was the same story for lacrosse during the

spring when the track team was on the field.

So, about two years ago, the Aptos Sports Foundation saw an opportunity and

jumped on it. A company was doing some construction work nearby and needed a

place to dump their extra dirt, we gave them a spot, and the new field at Aptos High

was born.

A lot of hard work later, and thanks to the Aptos Sports Foundation collaborative

partnership with the District, the grass field also has a marked parking lot, spacious

bathrooms, a lighted pathway, and even netting to catch errant balls.

The high school will utilize the field as a practice facility for various levels of

football, soccer, lacrosse and baseball.

Outside organizations, like the Aptos Soccer Club who is already a tenant, can rent

the field space for their competitions as well.

If you haven’t seen it, we urge you to take a drive and check it out. We also urge you

to look beyond the grass and dirt and see the possibilities of what a student-athlete

can achieve, not only during their high school career but in life.

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