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Raising the stakes “For Our Kids”

Calling all card players!! Whether you know the difference between your “Fish

Hooks,” and your “Jackson Fives,” or you just like to play poker to pass the time, the

Aptos Sports Foundation has the game of the century you simply cannot miss!

Saturday, November 14th, the ASF Poker Tournament is back and this year the game

is at Seascape Golf Club.

Registration starts at 6pm and play begins at 6:30pm with plenty of food and a first-

class drink service to wet your whistle.

The Buy-In has been reduced this year to $95, but remember that’s a small price to

pay to be a part of developing future community leaders through quality athletics in


While it is about fun and games, there is a bigger mission at play and now the

Foundation has made it possible for you to be a part of that by creating a community

asset through charitable giving, not just in the immediate but for generations to

come. The Poker Tournament is a way to learn more about that opportunity as


You will also get to hear some exciting updates on current and future projects the

Foundation is working on right now.

All the proceeds of this event will go directly to the Aptos Sports Foundation to help

our efforts to increase youth participation in sports by improving and providing

quality athletic programs at Aptos High School and its feeder schools.

Our success is based on the community stepping up to the plate, or in this case the

card table, to support those who need it the most, our kids.

Sign-up online at (you do not need a PayPal

account) or mail a check to: Aptos Sports Foundation, P.O. Box 2405, Aptos, CA


For more information on the Foundation go to

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