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Our Projects

In past and present projects, ASF has helped improve the facilities and equipment for the different men's and women's athletics.  Not only have our projects helped create a superior experience for our athletes, but we have also honored the legacy of some of our local folks who have had a tremendous impact on our community.  One of our goals is to help provide a sense of pride for our athletes when hosting events.

 - Current - 

Holcomb's Landing

Holcomb's Landing is a tribute to the late Mark Holcomb who's impact on our community was beyond extraordinary.  Donors are able to purchase bricks for the patio displaying their support to the high school sports teams.

- Ongoing - 

Athletic Equipment

ASF has purchased uniforms and equipment for almost every program on campus. This includes basketball nets, tennis nets, volleyball nets, balls, bats, pool lane lines, pool covers,  golf carts for Sports Medicine, and much, much more.

- Past - 

Basketball, Volleyball, & Wrestling

ASF helped contribute a gymnasium video board.

 - Past - 

Dilfer Football Stadium 

 ASF led the project, coordinated with all the contractors, and, with the community's assistance and Trent Dilfer's help, ASF paid for the installation of the retaining wall, artificial turf, and scoreboard; the turf resurfacing was also jumpstarted by the ASF coordinating with Field Turf. The Snack Bar has also been updated and remodeled.

- Past - 


 ASF led the project and did all the work of reconfiguring and grading the field, laying sod, bringing in the infield dirt, building dugouts, installing fences, upgrading the scoreboard, etc., and also building the auxiliary field, as well as, paved the parking lot.

 - Past - 


ASF built the sunken dugouts on the old field, paid for the installation of the fence in the new field, and contributed the new scoreboard.

- Past - 

Freedom Field

ASF initiated and led the project, and coordinated with PVUSD to complete the project.

 - Past - 


ASF contributed to the resurfacing of the courts and added benches.

 - Past - 

Swimming & Water Polo

ASF paid for the new pool complex lighting, as well as, a new scoreboard.

 - Past - 

Track & Field

ASF was a significant contributor to the initial all-weather track project, and to the resurfacing effort several years later.

- Past - 

School Entrance Marquee

ASF installed the marquee sign at the school entrance.

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