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“Giving back, looking forward”

As memories of summer linger and kids are quite literally gearing up for another school year, this time of year re-invigorates and re-energizes the Aptos Sports Foundation.

Although we’ve still been very busy throughout the summer, seeing the pod of backpacks bobbing down the street toward the bus stop, and running into to the Fall athletes around town sporting their Mariner colors and logos reminds us why we do what we do. It also should remind you why it’s important to give back, “For Our Kids.”

The Aptos Sports Foundation is funded solely through charitable giving and donations, and now we want to take that to the next step for those looking to leave a legacy in the community.

ASF has decided to enhance our legacy of charity, by developing a more robust planned giving program.

In partnership with the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County, a county wide Foundation based in Aptos, we have developed a comprehensive plan to receive charitable gifts and donations to be used for both current projects and endowment for the community of Aptos.

Each Donor will choose where their donation will go in essentially three different options of giving; whether it be for a current project fund, or toward the endowment to fund long-term projects and programs. Chair of Charitable Giving and Endowment, Brent Chapman, explains, “We are building an Aptos community asset that will benefit our kids into the future.”

The Aptos Sports Foundation goal for the newly created endowment fund is to raise $5 million in charitable donations to provide the necessary budget to build and maintain a world-class sport and athletic environment “For Our Kids,” forever.

We can’t do it alone, nor would we want to. Aptos has always been about the community pulling together, every single person extending a hand in some way to better serve the next generation. That is why we have been successful and that is why we will continue to be for years to come.

The Aptos Sports Foundation is one of the premiere ways to be a part of that; to leave a legacy that you and your family can be proud of for generations.

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